The way to capture Drednaw in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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    • The way to capture Drednaw in Pokemon Sword and Shield

      Drednaw is one of the members of the franchise. It played a small but important role in Sword and Shield and is Nessa's ace Pokemon in the second gym battle. For new players, you can directly buy Legendary Pokemon to enjoy the game.

      If players want to catch Drednaw in the Sword and Shield, they can capture Chewtle from level 22 and evolve it into Drednaw, or they can wait and actually capture the evolved Drednaw. If the first, they can meet Chewtle as soon as possible in Route 2. Routes 4 and 5 and Galar Mine are also good places to find it in the early game.

      If the second one, Drednaw will first appear on Route 6. It is also widely found in the Wild Area, spawning in Bridge Field, Dusty Bowl, Giant's Cap, Giant's Mirror, and Lake of Outrage. A single Drednaw appeared on Route 2, on an island in the lake. Players need an upgraded Rotom bike to reach it, and it will not respawn.

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